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Assurena Insurance Agency is an independent insurance brokerage agency that carries some of the best coverage options in the entire New USA.

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Know Your Mentor

About The Course

  • Reinsurance department in direct insurance company or being part of a reinsurance broker or an employee of a reinsurer is most sought-after position. Reinsurance is global business and needs continuous updating of knowledge to be known as the best in the field. Opportunities keep coming up globally and being known as an expert in the field is critical to grab these opportunities.
  • 3-month Online Course – Helps to Develop Reinsurance Management Skills
  • Reinsurance problems using USD as currency (Millions)
  • Mix of recorded videos and weekly live session
  • Course Language – Only English
  • Regular Assignments and Tests
  • Certification on successful completion of course
  •  Special Two Hour Mentorship Session

For Whom This Course Is For?

  • Useful for Aspiring, New as well as Seasoned Reinsurance Practitioners
  • Also useful for Students pursuing Institute Examinations

Why Should I Pick This Course?

  • Exposure to practical aspects of Reinsurance
  • Gain expertise in the subject and helps in enhancing the Job Performance
  • Help students clear Institute Examinations
  • Career growth for experienced professionals
  • Strengthen Reinsurance Negotiation Skills

The X Factor This Course!!!

  • Theory backed up by practical examples will be the key strength of this course.
  • Continuous assessment and feedback to the participants.

What You’ll Learn?

Module 1 – Introduction to Reinsurance
Module 2 – Retrocession
Module 3 – Insurance & Reinsurance Contracts
Module 4 – Reinsurance as Risk Management Tool
Module 5 - Basic Functions of Reinsurance
Module 6 - Problem Related to Financial Relief
Module 7 - Buyers & Sellers of Reinsurance
Module 8 - Role of Reinsurance Brokers
Module 9 - Legal Issues In Reinsurance - Part 1
Module 10 - Legal Issues In Reinsurance - Part 2
Module 11 - Types of Reinsurance
Module 12 - Methods of Reinsurance
Module 13 - Proportional Treaty Reinsurance - Part 1
Module 14 - Proportional Treaty Reinsurance - Part 2
Module 15 - Proportional Treaty Reinsurance - Part 3
Module 16 - Surplus Treaty Introduction
Module 17 - Graded Retention
Module 18 - Surplus Treaty Features
Module 19 – Retention
Module 20 - Reinsurance Commission
Module 21 - Event Limits
Module 22 - Role of PML/EML in Reinsurance

Module 23 - Surplus Treaty Based On PML – Problems
Module 24 - PML - Case Study
Module 25 - Quota Share Treaty Wording
Module 26 - Non-Proportional Treaty in Practice
Module 27 – Risk XL & CAT XL
Module 28 - Inuring Benefit & Layering
Module 29 - Reinstatements in Non-Proportional Treaties
Module 30 - Different Types: Non-Proportional Treaties
Module 31 - Problem On Non-Proportional Treaties
Module 32 - Hours Clause
Module 33 - Catastrophe Modelling
Module 34 - Stop Loss
Module 35 - Pricing of Non-Proportional Treaties
Module 36 - Experience Rating
Module 37 - Exposure Rating
Module 38 - Other Non-Proportional Reinsurance
Module 39 - Case Study-Number of Events
Module 40 - Designing Reinsurance Treaties
Module 41 - Negotiating The Program
Module 42 - Placing The Reinsurance Program
Module 43 - Facultative Reinsurance
Module 44 - Facultative Reinsurance Case Study

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We all know Insurance Sector in India plays a dynamic role in the wellbeing. And working on such crucial field is itself a challenge. Well, here I am Welcoming You with my programme to help you understand and aware the insights in areas of Reinsurance, Risk Management, and Insurance Underwriting.

Greetings, my name is Atmaram Cheruvu, Co-Founder and Director of Mad Over Insurance, carrying 3 plus decades of experience and have worked as “Head of Property & Casualty and Chief Underwriting Officer” at Hannover Re branch in India. And a proud member of Branch Steering Board. I worked in Hannover Re from 2008 to 2018

I carry Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering and Law and Master’s Degree in Management. Have presented many papers on Reinsurance, Insurance and Risk Management at numerous National and International Seminars.

Moving up in my career in the years 2000 to 2008, I have worked with Top Management on a Leadership Level in Sompo Japan and Royal Sundaram.

With my “Mini Library Experience” I have also been trained extensively on Risk Management, Insurance & Reinsurance in Europe, North America, and Asia.

It is indeed a great opportunity to be here with you and creating and delivering this entire programme.

Join Me !!! to experience the vast yet interesting facts and knowledge about the Insurance Industry.

Thank You. Meet you soon.

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